The Monday Blues Workshop

Since May 2020, I have offered a weekly workshop on Zoom from my home studio on Mondays. The content focuses primarily on fingerstyle blues and slide guitar, with an emphasis on the repertoire of the Bentonia and North Mississippi styles. In our time together, this class has become a close knit and supportive community of people from all over the U.S., but now, as our work has stabilized, I would like to begin widening the circle to welcome additional participants.

Since the inception of the weekly workshop, we have always sought a balance between accessibility and sustainability, with the idea that no one would be turned away for financial reasons. In this next phase of offering the class, I have created 4 tiers for registration, to be selected as your conditions permit. A portion of the proceeds are regularly donated to the Blue Front Cafe in Bentonia, Mississippi and/or to the artists we study.

All options include the 90 minute workshop on Mondays from 7:30-9pm ET, with handwritten tablature and a link to a private video for future reference. If you aren't able to attend due to your schedule or time zone, you may still purchase the class and receive tablature + video after the meeting. Weekly subscribers at the "collaborating" tier will have access to a private archive of every tab we have worked with since May 2020, as well as exclusive previews of music and writing I am working on behind the scenes.

Class participants are also invited to a private message board where we support one another in the learning process by sharing what we're practicing and creating. It is a warm, thoughtful and caring community.

Please use the buttons below to sign up. For more info, please contact All levels of technical ability are welcome. Thank you!



Each Monday at 7:30 EDT, we get together on Zoom around a shared love of fingerstyle blues and slide guitar. Rooted in values of community, along with respect for tradition and culture, my intention is to share with appreciation not only what I have experienced as an internationally touring musician and recording artist, but specifically what I have observed directly from hearing and/or playing with Mississippi blues musicians Jimmy “Duck” Holmes, R.L. Boyce and Little Joe Ayers. 

During the 90 minute meeting, I present the material, which I personally transcribe and explain, then everyone plays along with me, with their sound on mute, while mine comes through your computer speakers. I use microphones and tube preamps for hi-fidelity sound through Zoom. 

“The balance of technical skills, historical context, a little zen here and there, and the camaraderie among a fairly diverse group is all unique and fantastic. I find myself looking forward to it all week.” - JW