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Since May 2020, I have been offering a weekly workshop every Monday on Zoom. This dedicated community has been studying fingerstyle and slide guitar through a mindful appreciation of Bentonia and North Mississippi blues repertoire every week for almost two years! This page is an emerging archive of all we have studied, consisting of exclusive, handwritten tablature. It is available to those who attend the class on a weekly or monthly subscription basis.

Classes are 90 minutes every Monday from 7:30-9pm ET. There is an archived video of each class for later reference. The rate per class is $25/session, with sliding scale offered to those in need. Donations are regularly made from class proceeds to the Blue Front Cafe in Bentonia, MS and/or to the artists we study, when possible.

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Each Monday at 7:30 EDT, we get together on Zoom around a shared love of fingerstyle blues and slide guitar. Rooted in values of community, along with respect for tradition and culture, my intention is to share with appreciation not only what I have experienced as an internationally touring musician and recording artist, but specifically what I have observed directly from hearing and/or playing with Mississippi blues musicians Jimmy “Duck” Holmes, R.L. Boyce and Little Joe Ayers. 

During the hour, I present the material, which I personally transcribe and explain, then everyone plays along with me, with their sound on mute, while mine comes through your computer speakers. I use microphones and tube preamps for hi-fidelity sound through Zoom. 

“The balance of technical skills, historical context, a little zen here and there, and the camaraderie among a fairly diverse group is all unique and fantastic. I find myself looking forward to it all week.” - JW