From The Studio

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Thank you for visiting. This is a place I'm building online to both support others and to receive support. Here I will post things that I'm working on in my home studio as a musician and teacher - analog recordings, works in progress, bonus tracks and also lesson videos, guitar tabs and live streams. 

Connecting with me here is a very real way to support the work on a day to day basis. As 2024 unfolds, so will a new flow for what I share and when, but my intention is to post content a few times a month - maybe once a week.

The way musicians work has changed a lot in the last few years and I believe this will continue to be the case. Personally, more and more, I want to create at the tempo of my own being, with minimal influence from commerce and culture. This platform will allow me to share my most personal work with less interference from third parties and algorithms. Thank you for joining me here.