Fall 2023: Germany Tour, City Winery Boston and Tiverton

The fall is here and with it comes some shows that I'm feeling very joyful about…

In the first half of October, I will be touring Germany for the first time since 2019. Concerts run from the 7th-15th. I hope you can join us - the full schedule is on the shows page. Details are still coming in…. so feel free to message me with questions. My dear old friend Blind Joe Black will support all shows.

After that, I am back home in New England at the Tiverton Meeting House in Rhode Island on October 21st and City Winery Boston on November 11th, for a special program we are putting together to honor the Bentonia Blues tradition. These shows are all ages - bring the family! 

Get your tickets for Tiverton → here
and Get your tickets for City Winery Boston → here ← 

I haven't played in Germany or at City Winery since 2019….  and I couldn't be happier to return. Please do join us!

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