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If, as Shakespeare once wrote, music is "the food of love," then a subscription directly through an artist's website is the cultural equivalent of farm to table dining.

With your support, I will be posting new and exclusive content here each week, with the intention to build community along the way. Offerings will include recordings, writing, educational material, virtual workshops, videos, livestreams and a forum for participants to share their own creative process.

We live in one of the most exciting times for music and I am so happy to be a musician and teacher in the present moment, because direct, meaningful and sustainable connections are possible from anywhere in the world. The only real limitations to how we relate come from our own imaginations and what we are willing to be open to.

I hope you will join me here as I seek to cultivate, refine and connect through the very best of what I have to offer. This will be an experiment and a process of evolving, as creativity always is.

With the desire to make the material and community accessible to everyone, based on interests and means, I am offering 4 levels of engagement, each with a suggested contribution, but the opportunity to offer more, if you are able.

With so many different options to relate to media, culture and humanity, we have an unprecedented ability to connect through what we truly value and to affirm who and what we care about. This community will be the place where I offer music and creativity from the deepest, purest part of myself - combining a love of the traditional with the personal, drawing from an appreciation of Mississippi blues, North Indian raga, mindfulness practice and the essential elements of living creatively, in the hopes of teaching and communicating from the truth of my own experience. I hope that these offerings will help you to feel connected and empowered to speak from yours.