Individual lessons Online

I know from first hand experiences of both learning and teaching that the exchange between student and teacher can at its best become a sacred bond that has potential to transform the lives of both parties. 

I see teaching as part of my own musical path, which I deeply enjoy and value as a way to be of service to others and as part of my continuing artistic and personal development. 

After more than ten years of offering guitar lessons, I strive to continually deepen and refine my approach, but my overall objective remains fundamentally the same, which is to help students connect to music, culture and themselves through the study of songs, technique and applicable theory. As a teacher, I aim to provide a safe, welcoming space for learning and the exploration of creativity, which at times can be a vulnerable process. 

I currently work online with a base of students that range in age from 7-70, each at their own stage of musical development. I am glad to be in a position to support aspiring musicians, just as others have done and continue to do for me. For scheduling and more information, please contact me at


“I had literally never held a guitar in my 57 years when I asked Ryan to teach me to play the acoustic blues. He is an amazingly skilled and empathetic teacher, with a deep knowledge of blues tradition and music. It has been a total joy and eye-opener working with him; he is great both at maximizing the impact of one-on-one lessons and at structuring practice exercises that help me improve between sessions." - D.B., Cambridge, MA 

“Our daughter has taken guitar with Ryan for several years and really enjoys the lessons. Ryan is incredibly calm and patient with students. He always listens and my daughter feels at ease asking questions. Ryan provides so many good tips for working through challenges and he is very supportive. We feel lucky to have him as her teacher!" - A.W., Cambridge, MA 

“Our 13 year old son has been taking lessons with Ryan for many years and we have been absolutely delighted with Ryan's teaching skills, his enthusiasm, and his wonderful kindness and generosity. Ryan has established a fantastic rapport with our son, instilled a real love of playing the guitar, and fostered an intellectual interest in music.  We so appreciate the positive and productive student/teacher relationship our son has with Ryan -- it is a joy to work with him." - J.B., Boston, MA