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In 2020, I rediscovered my passion for analog production. Since then, I've been creating music on tape, primarily from the privacy of my home - both my own and the work of a few other musicians, as well. These moments have been documented primarily on cassette, but also on reel to reel. It has been an ongoing process of creative growth, deep listening and (re)discovery.

As someone who grew up collecting records and tapes, I believe there is something special about the connection that comes with a handmade analog recording. In a world where so much music is available at the push of a button, I find there is something magical about having not only a tangible object, but participating in the enjoyment of music that wasn't created for mass consumption. Field recordings, concert bootlegs and 4 track demos are all examples of these kind of documents - and listening to these audio snapshots can be as meaningful as taking in a grand artistic statement.

Throughout this year, I have been posting exclusive, downloadable analog recordings for subscribers. Your support of $4 or more a month will provide access to all the songs and will also help make the process sustainable as it evolves (studio quality cassettes are increasingly rare... and expensive).

In my heart, I believe all this effort in music is about connecting and the resonance that comes through shared values. For me, a cassette embodies these values. Thank you for listening and sharing the journey with me.